Friday, September 28, 2012

Honda Accord 2013 Baru

New style 2013 Accord isn’t solely totally different from the previous model. This automobile is additionally claimed to own a wider cabin and luxury is over this generation continues to be oversubscribed round the world.
With the planning of a a lot of teasing, Honda claims the 2013 Accord into a vehicle happiness to the premium category.
The distinction with the previous generation 2013 Accord is found virtually on all sides. At the front, the Accord 2013 place a replacement grille style thicker dynamic vogue. the planning aims to specific an excellent performance.
While on the rear there’s a putting modification in bending fenders and trunk lines that ar connected to the pillars C. Through this sculpture Honda Accord 2013 to mention that was being run despite a stop.
p/s : Bila sampai Malaysia, Korang tanya Honda Malaysia Sdn Bhd... aku tak tau... sorry.. Accord Coupe tu jangan haraplah nak masuk Malaysia... mintak Naza bawak masuk bleh kot...

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